Feb 22, 2008

Sure...Can it Fit in a Boat?

Dear God,

Its the CR

CRB here again, of the many things that we occasionally ask you for: more money, better jobs, increased prowess in the bedroom (pssh, like we need that), central a/c in the mobile CRB Command Center, a tasty steak for dinner, Miller High-Life on-demand, ability to tele-port, levitation, x-ray vision, 15% of more savings on car insurance, big speakers, high-quality porn, a better relationship with mother nature and the like, we have a new request that maybe you can help us with.

See, we found over on Jalopnik.com, which is a website all about cars and what-not, this post about a freaking crazy engine that has about a billion horsepower and four-turbos.

So, here is our proposition, ready?

We will stop bothering you about three of the above listed topics, however, the girl stuff...you are on your own dude, explain that to me and maybe we would go back to church...but anyways, if you would somehow find a way to get this motor into our boat.

Granted, we don't have a boat of our own...but, you are the all-seeing, mr. know-it-all, we are sure you could figure this out.

Thanks, oh, and let Hunter Thompson know that the CRB says 'sup.


  1. lets go ski racing... or not cuz thats just insane.

  2. I can't handle falling at 40mph, much less any of those ungodly speeds that they go. Crazy, crazy men!

  3. I think I should back down a letter If I'm behind that beast

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    ski fly boats coming back at you


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