Feb 19, 2008

Nightmare's Online

Freddy Krueger is online!!

Don't worry it isn't another Friday the 13th movie. Freddy Krueger the current world record jump holder has a website and it's pretty cool. He has stuff for sale as well as "virtual coaching". It isn't where you put some big thing over your face and pretend your jumping. Freddy actually has you send in you jump video and he will give you a coaching lesson on it. P.S. this is alot cheaper than ski school, about 100 bucks!

The site also has some chronicles by Freddy about what he is up to, some sweet pictures and a bio page. Did you know Freddy drives a '95 Jeep Cherokee while his wife (Karen Truelove) gets a sweet Infiniti FX 35. I wonder what the Cherokee looks like.....

Don't forget the sweet Mastercraft Prostar 190 Nightmare that is behind there.

Check out Freddy Krueger's website and buy a sweed "I'd Hit That" shirt!



  1. Other things that I would hit...
    Jessica Alba, that girl from Transformers....ummm...let me marinade on those for awhile...

  2. a baseball, a car (ok theose were all mistakes), some trees (um shit), a tennis ball. oh we were talking about the hidden meaning...

    oh yea and nightmare 13, just seems like a little to much reliance on 80s movies. of course if you have ever seen a pic of freddy from the 80s... oh the horror, the horror...

  3. what the hell are you talking about? btw, that shirt is the shit.

  4. I own that shirt. It gives you instant street cred. I recommend you all snag one.


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