Feb 26, 2008

How is That Spelled?

Interesting thought over at the Rykert lake of indiscretion and gluttony, how the hell is the word "Waterski" spelled? Is it Waterski or Water Ski?

Our take? Its Waterski. One word. Then again, any word processor or spell checker makes it Water Ski.

Damn. The. Man.

Comment on the sinful site is as follows...we are inclined to agree.

Water is a modifier. So it is two words. Snow Skiing or Water Skiing. Both are acts of skiing, only the phase of the water underneath changes. I believe the argument to the contrary would cite baseball, softball, and basketball as examples. In that case, I offer this solution: the verb is one word (I'm going to go waterski.) and the noun is two (I just bought a bitchin' flourescent water ski.).

Well, thanks for that smartypants.

We're at War: The sinful lake


  1. stupid word processor...I always spell it waterski. USA water ski spells it just like that then u have ncwsa national collegiate water ski associatiom, so who knows

  2. Anonymous4:15 PM

    associatiom? i dont think thats a word.

  3. Mad props for the continued mad props in the lonliness that is the waterski blog world

  4. Water Ski.
    It is two words.

    MCWSA - Midwest Collegiate Water Ski Association
    NCWSA - National Collegiate Water Ski Association
    PWST - Purdue Water Ski Team
    BAWSA - Bad Ass Water Ski Ass

    Okay so I made that last one up.

  5. Yo, rykert, its spelled, "madprops" one word.

    and where is this Bad Ass Waterski Association (see what i did there cris) The CRB is intrigued and wishes to subscribe to their newsletter

  6. wait...now that we think about it...bad ass water ski ass. maybe that is not an organization and an actual ass.

    Please send pictures.

  7. It is in fact an actual hiney. I'm glad you noticed.

    There are many of them at tournaments all over. It is an acronym that is sweeping the nation.

    For example:
    - You are at a little kid's soccer game and see a nice looking mother you say, "she's a MILF".
    - You see a lady with big lips, "she has some DSLs"
    - You are at a ski tournament, and a good-lookin woman just tricked herself a couple thousand points while wearing a nice bikini, you turn and say "Check out her BAWSA".
    (pronounced Baugh-Saw)

    Help me spread this greatness.

  8. Cris i think you may be onto something here. This may be the first productive thing this website has accomplished. Im going to have to quit if this trend keeps up.

  9. That's Ms. Smartypants to you. It's not easy being right.

  10. Ms. Smartypants, do you have a BAWSA?

    Just wondering.

  11. Wouldn't you like to know. However, I believe BAWSA as written and modified refers to a person who acts like an ass (a donkey or buffoon) and not a part of the anatomy (female or otherwise). In that case, you, Cris, are the BAWSA for the cowardice you show in not making your true identity and Blogger profile public while attempting to objectify with your questions.

  12. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Please don't discriminate against people who objectify

  13. WHOA! This just turned nasty, and quickly. I was trying to give you a complement. A simple yes or no would have sufficed.

    By the way - I have always made my ID known. Just look at my first name. I don't know of another skier who spells it that way.

    I am sorry if I offended you. I thought we were having fun here.

  14. Wasn't getting nasty. Not a skier so I don't qualify... Tell my husband to buy me a pink ski and then we can talk.

  15. Anonymous7:24 PM

    now rykert, is it that hard to find a pink ski? perhaps one that has knitting needles or something?

  16. Wow there are alot of comments on this!



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