Feb 18, 2008

Harry Caray - 10 Years?

Going slightly off-topic here, but, can you believe its been 10 years since Harry Carey passed away? Anyone who grew up in the mid-west, or for that matter, spent their formative years watching baseball on t.v, you can be damn sure that at some point you caught a Cubs game on WGN and were sucked in by the mind-bending weirdness that is/was Harry Carey.

Other sites and other people with better handles on the English language then this one have no doubt spouted off awesome platitudes over the man, his broadcasting career, legendary night life in the Chicago-land area and his awesome charisma within the broadcast booth, we to feel a very close connection to Harry.

People ask why are you a Cubs fan, you aren't from Illinois, thank god for that anyways, but when you get home from school as a little boy or girl and flip on the tube, what did you watch? Transformers, G.I Joe or, if the time and season was right, the Cubbies on WGN.

Sure, he worked for the Cardinals and White Sox and wherever else in his past, but, everyone associates Harry Carey with the Cubs.

He brought baseball to the normal people, not the stat geeks (yes, you are geeks, get over it) and not to the people who lived and died with the intricacies of baseball strategy, but to the everyman...the drunk who wanted to have a good time, watch some baseball, and maybe catch a babe with big hooters in the bleachers.

So, as a tyke growing up, this became what baseball was and he was the conduit to what a sport, a game should be.

Besides, have you ever been to a Cubs game? Jesus Christ, its Chicago, easily one of the greatest places in the world. When things are right in that town, shit, things are right everywhere.

The girls are amazingly good looking, the neighborhoods live and breath with its own unique style, the city itself is a world by itself and no one embodied the unique and awesomeness that is that town better.

Thats why when people ask why are you a Cubs fan, because growing up and watching baseball and listening to Harry Caray, how could you not?

Ten Years? Holy Cow.

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And what better then some drunken Harry ramblings!


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    so who is the harry carey of waterskiing? where is our drunken announcer guy?

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I believe it is Chris Kodiak who does the Harry Caray. Other notable Ski announcers would be the youngest Mommer Kid who went to Iowa. He Called t-bag t-bag and said he collects designer t-bags.


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