Feb 14, 2008

The Circus Has Come To Town!!

Yey clowns and stuff! Well, not really but close enough.

Macus Brown the poster child of west coast slalom is doing a ski tour this summer.

"For 3 months, beginning May 2008, Marcus and his crew will travel coast to coast with a custom RV and MasterCraft boat. The tour will offer top notch water ski clinics, training programs, free ski days with a Pro, charity benefit days, public outreach days, celebrity appearances, gear demos, autographed posters, magazines, DVD's and more. The tour vehicle will be on display at 4 Pro events throughout the summer. Additionally, the Face to Face tour will receive coverage and advertising space in the Water Ski Magazine, as will as coverage on Local TV stations, in newspapers and appearances throughout the country. With the ability to directly reach over 10,000 people and hundreds of thousands indirectly, this tour is and opportunity nobody can afford to miss."

Thats really cool and all but the real reason to go is to check out his sweet 40th anniversary eddition Mastercraft Prostar 197 and matching semi.

Sorry Marcus, love the west coast slalom stuff and the dreds but that boat is way prettier than you!

Check out facetofacetour.com for more info, you can even get Marcus' number off the site.


  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    If you were at Nationalies, you would have been able to see the prostarter 197ish and the x-starer with the 40th badgering on it.


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