Feb 20, 2008

Bringing back the Malivette!

Are you going through a midlife crisis? Do you have way too much of that pesky money on your hands? Do you always wish you could waterski but never really wanted to get off the couch and stop watching the speed channel? If this sounds like you we have the best every old ass, rich ass, poser boat for you. That is right ladies and gentleman Malibu, yes the dirty bu, has brought back the Malivette. A corvette styled ski boat, that well doesn't have a pylon... Mastercraft tells it best.

OK, so they may be a little bias over there at Mastercraft you be the judge.

Do you see a pylon, cause I don't. What the hell is Mailibu doing making a ski boat without a pylon, is that even a ski boat. Can a ski boat comany make a non-ski boat? The world is comming to a end!! If you want to help the world come to the end, you can pick up either a coupe for $82,900 or a Z06 model for $102,700. Hell if your midlife crisis is really ruff just get the car to pull the boat and make it a even $200,000!

Gotta admit that is a pretty sweet picture. Yet, that would be the dumbass who would be getting his car pulled out of the lake by a tow truck.

"Damnet woman I said put it in drive not REVERSE!!!" Weekend Wally. Oh how we can't wait to see Wally and Mrs. Wally at the launch this summer!



  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I can't believe you're bashing this boat. A looks bad ass! Does anyone really think that this is being sold as your typical ski boat? Which, by the way, it does have a pylon in the same spot as all the other Malibu V-drives. It's a telescoping pylon right behind the rear seat. The other MC commercials were pretty funny, but this one is retarded.


  2. I wonder if it comes with a attachable mustache.

  3. The boat is bad ass looking. A telescoping pylon are you serious? I have never seen that before. Sorry my mastercraft loyalty may have gotten the best of me on this....


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