Feb 21, 2008

Who is Mike Murphy?

He's not just some wicked old dude from California! He actually did a whole bunch of stuff but even cooler are some of the videos of him on youtube. according to the hydrofoil hall of fame:

Over the past 43 years Mike has participated and excelled in just about every aspect of skiing. For much of that time he has been considered the best in the world at kneeboarding, hot dog slalom skiing, and hydrofoiling. He co-invented and pioneered two waterski products enjoyed by tens of thousands, the kneeboard and sit down hydrofoil. He has been an innovator of new tricks, with over 50 to his name, and the list is still growing. These are just a few of the highlights of a skiing career marked by versatility and longevity.
Pretty sweet dude. Check out this video of him doing some old school skiing.


  1. oh, thats who Mike Murphy is. Damn, now i can sleep at night.

  2. That is a good looking old woman


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