Jan 15, 2008

Wakeboard Dictionary

Last year around this time there was a wakeboard tourney in Miami, remember? Err...two years ago. Whatever, if you come to this site for up-to-date news then you are a fool. But you aren't.

So, with that in mind, we revisited the Boarditup! Miami website and it turns out they have a little Wakeboard Dictionary to help out those who are either A. Not 14 years old or B. Don't really care anyways.

Well, we figured we would help out a bit and add some pictures to make it a little easier to understand.

Boardslide: Sliding along a rail with the board perpendicular to it.

Butter: Instead of saying "The water is smooth." you could sound cool and sophisticated by saying "The water is butter."

Chargin' the wake: When a rider cuts towards the wake with as much power as he or she possesses. It's about going as big as possible.

50/50: Sliding along a rail with the board parallel to the line of the rail.

Fakie: Riding the board backward. Considered a more difficult riding position for a wakeboarder. Can also use the term switchstance.

Butter Slide: Rider approaches the wake, then hops the board and lands on the edge of the wake with the board sideways (perpendicular to the wake) and slides the board on top of the wake.

Shredding: Slang term for a rider performing perfect turns and flips.

Stoked: Describes riders when they are pumped up and confident.

Tantrum: A back flip over the wake.

Tweak: When a rider puts a little extra on a move ... makes a bigger arc, extends the board farther, etc.

Goofy-Footers: Boarders who ride right-foot forward.

So, there you go! Now, use your newfound wisdom to impress your friends, or old people, or that girl...GO OUT AND BE SOMEBODY!!!!

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