Jan 7, 2008

A Silver Bowl of Chile

If you believe anything you read on www.skifly.com, then the U21 Worlds in San Bernardo, Chile was a rigged event with the US team receiving unfair practice time, drunken European coachs running around harassing young ladies and drop kicking skiers in the water, and just a complete waste of time because there is no U21 in IWSF.

Of course if you belive anything you read on skifly you probably deserve to be drop kicked by a drunken European.

This past weekend saw some fantastic sking by some of the top up and comers in the world all at one of the nicest sites in the world at the Under 21 World Waterski Championships. With the French Team grabbing the team Gold, the US team pulling down the Silver, and our chilly neighbors to the north taking the Bronze.

Here is a link to get directly to the thread in question on skifly. Seriously people, lighten the fuck up.

U21 Article: Usawaterski.com

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