The Dream...

Hello out there, it is I, Martin Luther King Jr, speaking to you...the assembled masses though what I only can assume is the most widely read, most respected and best conduit of information available to me via this series of tubes that is known as the "Information Super Highway"

I have spend my life, and now my post-life, striving to achieve a world in which white man and black man can co-exist in perfect harmony, treating each other with the same kindness that the good lord teaches through one of his, many different, versions of the bible.

Heck, just the other day, we were all sitting around sharing a delicious Pizza from Sal's Heavenly Pizzeria, its right down the Addison St, past the bakery and just horizontally differentiated from the Neuron-Subprocess way station of the inner sanctum.

It was Mickey Mantle, Malcom X, some dude from Butte Montana, God, Dick Pope Jr, Geraldo Rivera's Shame and some six-year old beauty pageant contestant from Colorado...white, black, mustaches...we can all get along!

Anyways, you should seriously try their Ham, pineapple and eternal bliss Deep Dish....its to DIE for!!!

Sorry, that was a little heaven humor for ya.....tee hee!!

I forgot where I was....

OH RIGHT, telling my story....
Well, As you are all aware, I made big strides and accomplished an awful lot in my time on earth, I worked to achieve racial harmony in a respected way. Along my journey I met a bunch of wonderful people and made some great friends.

So, I come to you today, not to ask you to praise me on my day of recognition, but, to continue the good fight, keep working towards racial harmony, respect your brothers, treat your fellow man like you would like to be treated, always....

USA Water Ski headquarters will be closed on Monday to observe the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday. Headquarters will reopen at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

/Leans back in chair, fires up a cigarette, pours snifter of scotch.

My work here is done....

*Disappears into big cloud of purple haze, while Hendrix wails.

/Eats Heroin Soup


  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Maybe they are just recovering from drinking to much as they watched the Playoffs and drank a little too much (a case by themselves).


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