Dec 4, 2007

USA Waterski is After Our Hearts

It starts innocently enough, you meet at a bar and share a flirty smile, then you maybe share a tasty cocktail or whatever, and you play the cat and mouse game for awhile hoping that the other person gives you some sign that they dig you.

Well, the USA Waterski folks must think we are in that same game right now, as they are breaking out the heavy artillery to get some of the CRB love.

And what are they trying to tease us with?

Well, none other the #1 CRB heart throb Dallas Friday, as they named her Athlete of the Month!

Notice, she isn't a November Athlete.

Those USA Waterski peeps, they sure are a clever bunch!

It would be unnecessary to go over all of her accomplishments, from winning every trophy available, to skiing entirely without a femur any more, to rescuing a stray puppy from certain death by flinging a prototype wakeboard / boomerang out the window with a small carabiner attached to clipped on the dogs collar and flew the dog/wakeboard/boomerang combo back through the window where she fed the dog premium dog food and champagne.

Oh how our heart flutters!!

oh...and this guy, Andrew Adkison, was the dude of the month...whatev man.

Dallas : USA Waterski


  1. In the rowboat sits the last of the hopeless romantics.

  2. Anonymous2:50 PM

    hopeless indeed


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