Dec 19, 2007


Every good thing has to come to an end eventually. Whether its a good day on the water, a relationship or even your favorite book/porn magazine.

Eventually there is an end, and for the contact Chevette that day is coming soon.

Maybe you guys can help us out, what would make a better contact vehicle then our current one?

El Camino? Front-end loader? Baby Panda?

We will be shopping soon...


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    im a big fan of the '84 Datson Maxima Station Wagon. pimp car if you ask me.

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    piece of shit car, i got a fucking piece of shit car.

  3. 3 words: Tricked

  4. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I think you need to get an old school DeLorean DMC-12. Yes the is the back to the future car.

  5. I would say anything circa 1980's, as long as there is big letters spelling out Creaky Rowboat in Old English Script... or whatever that font is. You know what I'm talking about.

  6. you mean like a 40 of Old E? Thats not a bad idea, instead of a contact Chevette we have a contact 40oz?

    Sublime did say, 40oz to freedom.

    course...he did also die of a heroin, maybe thats not the best place to take advice from.


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