Dec 28, 2007

Another Slalom Video

"The fine folks who brought you "Edged in Water" seem to be up to their old tricks.... ummm, whatever, guess its by some peeps that go by the name h20osmosis, or something. Anyways, they have posted a trailer to a new video, "Momentum" on the youtubes.

Some neat camera angles and whatever, but, seriously, how much slaloming can you watch before you get sort of bored with watching a guy going back and forth and back an.....OH SHIT, check out the 1:20 mark for a wicked wipeout!!!

oh, and at 2:52 is a really unique shot of a jump.

O.K, maybe we will withhold judgement for awhile.


  1. I haven't seen that many balls floating on the surface of the water since... uh, nevermind.

    Since it is New Year's Eve, insert random dropping ball joke here.

  2. I bought Momentum last week. Best damn video to show off our sport ever. by the looks of the guy skiing in the top of the post i think you need to buy it and learn how to ski before you make fun of people going back and forth. BUY THIS FILM

  3. Anonymous12:23 AM

    well said pj.....


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