Nov 20, 2007

Some Country for Old Men

Because he is freaking awesome at skiing, Jaret Llewellyn was named male skier of the year by Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (eh?)!!

For the dudes, Whitney McClintock was named female athlete of the year by the same oddly named organization.

Whats more entertaining about these two announcments though, besides the fun Canadian accents, was that while McClintock is a young up and comer, Mr. Llewellyn is freaking 37 years old!!!

He is almost 20 years older then Whitney, and that my friends, fills the CRB with a ton of hope!!

See, its ok to get old, you can still kick ass!! and it doesn't look like Jaret is going anywhere anytime soon, probably cause he is in a rocking chair on the porch, "GET OFF MY LAWN!!"
"This was a crucial year in determining whether I would pursue my career," said Llewellyn, 37, who completed his 24th season on the national team."
Oh really? You are now just considering this as a career? Damn fine hobby then Mr. Llewellyn!!

So, seeing as this old man is still out there getting it done, it begs the question, where the hell are you Mr. Sammy Duvall? Get after it!!

Llewellyn, McClintock named water-skiing athletes of the year

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