Nov 28, 2007

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job!!

The fine folks at the ncwsa have a job posting listed on their website for a web dude, which naturally leads us at the CRB to think to ourselves, who would be the best for that job?

Well, If any of you have searched around the waterski blog world, and no...shnitzs blog doesn't count, you would have hopefully happened upon our buddy Rykert.

You can simply judge by the fine mspaint job on that jump picture to the right that he is freaking awesome with the graphic design and that without a doubt makes him the right man for the job.

Of course, judging by his not posting for the last 5 months or something, maybe he doesn't have enough time on his hands....of course, it could also mean...he has ENOUGH time on his hands!!

Rykert: Blog Friend


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    why not schnitz? he is so smart and forward thinking and... and... um... ah hell hes a dick

  2. thanks for the vote of confidence. I have been a lazy (ok, nonexistent) blogger lately. My spin dept. ( A nod to the Madness that is campaign season in Iowa) says I had camera issues for most of the summer. Without good pics, well, I think you get the pic, er, idea.
    Now I have a new digital camera. So I guess I just tossed my main excuse out of the window (maybe -out of the boat- would be a better metaphor). So I guess it's time to get blogging. I have neglected my solemn responsibility to my constituents. My Constituents being the rowboat crew, Wedge of water on the Brain, my mom, and a random ski bum or two looking for a 2nd window time-killer while downloading pics of porn actresses so that he can photoshop Camille Duvall and Clemintine Lucine's faces on them. Now the only question is what the hell to blog about on a waterski blog after a December ice storm in Iowa??
    I need to come up with something, soon.


    Welcome back dude. Get after it, if nothing else, just google search for pics of Freddy or whatever and photoshop your body on there.

  4. I'm back, officially, with MS paint!


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