Sep 14, 2007

To Much Money for the Marquette Ski Team?

There is an interesting article in the Marquette Tribune, the Marquette University student newspaper, you know the Marquette Golden Eagles err...WARRIORS!

The crux of the article stated, basically, that the money students pay in to the University in fees should be more evenly distributed to student organizations because to much money goes to the teams/club sports/whatever that have their shit together and apply to the Student Organization Allocation for the dough. Hmmz....
"Every semester, $27 of our tuition goes to the student activity fee budget for Marquette Student Government that covers events and needs of students and organizations on campus. Should every student be responsible for paying a portion of these expenses? After seeing the beginning of this year's allocations, we think not."
Oh? And why is that sir?
"Last Thursday, MUSG's first senate meeting for the 2007-'08 academic year conducted the distribution of the budget by the Student Organization Allocation committee for very specific organizations that every student will not take part in. The SOA committee allocated $22,196 among 13 organizations and three club sports teams. The most money ($4,750) was given to the Financial Management Association to participate in the Wall Street Experience. The Coalition of Language Honor Societies was given $3,951 for an on-campus foreign film festival and $3,130 was given to the Waterski & Wakeboard Club to participate in the National Collegiate Waterski Association Nationals."
Ok, so what? These groups had their shit together, went through the proper hoops and got some dough. Whats the biggie?

Will every student take part in every activity available to them?

Every college everywhere pays a shit-ton of money for drama students to prance around on stage and a metric shit-ton of money for varsity sports that can't support their own travel and uniform expenses beyond the money not taken in for scholarships.

Further along it states that:
"Not every student participates in these fun and available activities. It is nice to know that they are available, but if students are not taking advantage of the activities, their $27 for this semester is being given to other students or organizations they are not involved in."
Well, no shit dude. The man takes all sorts of money from the CRB coffers in the form of taxes to pay for roads and shit we won't ever drive on, or money given to environmentalist types who clean shit that I will never use or to a million other things that, sure its nice they are there, but we won't ever use.

Quit complaining about it!!
Calvin does not appreciate your bullshit

Look, we get it, you want more equity for all involved and thats noble. However, every student organization has the same process to ask the man for the dough. Some just do a better damn job, thats America dude. If the pansies in the tether ball club quit jerking each other off and having mock drafts for their old-time warrior princess league and put pen to paper, maybe some excel shit, they would get some money too!

C'mon, don't hurt the one you love! Let those in position to prosper do so, this isn't communnist Russia buddy! Live free or Die Hard!!!

It's our money, MUSG! -


  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    first, I think it's pointless and undirected whining about someone spending money, so what's new? second, their team placed at nationals in under 5 years of existence.....that's pretty awesome. I bet the other two top funded clubs never did anything to match that feat. $20 says the person that wrote the article has never been to a ski tournament (I personally would have given their ski team long as I get to drive the boat :D )

  2. I agree, I think the club deserves more than 3k in funding from the campus. 3k does not go very when you look at hotels, entry fees, fuel, and equipment. I have no doubt that Marguette worked their tails off and deserved ever penny they received. I hope that after last season they will be able to fundraise and earn more money from school to fund the newest team to join the NCWSA National Championships!


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