Sep 12, 2007

THIS is crap!!!

Hope College's mascot

We're back and slightly miffed.

You see, we aren't sure what has happened since we were gone...besides the end of summer, a bad case of gonorrhea, and sunken catamaran (don't ask)

So...the powers that be at the NCWSA put up their first ncwsAP poll of the year, somehow ranking the collegiate waterski teams. This is all well and good, but, we guess that it was either a clerical error on the part of the secretarial team or they just rank from second place on down, because....where in the HELL is the Hope College Destruction Squad?

Take a gander at the post:
"ULM Warhawks stay on top of the Poll after week 1 of competition. Missouri State moves up 3 spots, not much movement in the top 10 but a lot of shake up at the end. The west and east get underway this weekend which will help solidify the polls.

1 Louisiana - Monroe
2 Louisiana - Lafayette
3 Florida Southern
4 Arizona State
5 Alabama
6 Purdue
7 Sacramento State
8 Wisconsin-Madison
9 Texas
10 ILLinois
11 Michigan
12 UC - San Diego
13 Marquette
14 San Diego State
15 Missouri ST
17 Cal Poly
18 Texas A and M
19 Auburn
20 UC Davis
21 Kansas
22 Michigan State
23 Arkansas
24 Central Florida
25 Cincy

Others Receiving Votes:
ILL ST, Western Washington, K State, Miami, Texas State, Clemson"
Well, someone better get to the bottom of this with the quickness.

Needless to say, Johnny Cash is pissed!!

My name isn't Sue damnit!

The "Poll" - NCWSA


  1. Glad to see you're back online.

  2. YES, Welcome Back. Let's have a party.

    Hope the Gonorrhea clears up.

  3. CRB, thank you for coming back and giving meaning to my life again.

  4. woot. more stuff to do at work instead of work


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