Sep 18, 2007


Oh, how the CRB tentacles reach wide and deep, the following is a first hand account of the Iowa Skeetfest tournament. Amazing what the CRB Minions™ can do!!!

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So the second week of Collegiate skiing has begun. Some very impressive results and some unexpected ones. The Iowa Skifest which hosted all of the great plains team began as what many may have thought was a spring tournament. After returning to there tents from doing what collegiate skiers do best, the skiers were treated with finding there to be ice on there tents from temperatures dropping to 30 maybe even less. After waking up and “introducing yourself to the person next to you.” Everyone was happy to see that no one had died of pneumonia the following morning.

The cold weather however did not effect the skiing. Per
“Cory Cassidy of Illinois took the win with 5 @ 28’ off , and coming in 2nd and 3rd was Madison’s sister duo of Heather and Adrienne Donen with 5 @ 22’ and 3 @ 22’ off repectively. In men’s slalom, rookies took 1,2,3. Colorado’s Chris Prem took another win with 4 @ 35’ off, coming in 2nd was Iowa State freshman Matt Knafla with 1.5 @ 35’ off , and in 3rd was UW-Lacrosse’s Chad Rietz with 4.25 @ 28’ off. Saturday finished with women’s jump, just barely fitting it all in before the sunset. In 1st was host Iowa’s Leah Timmerman with a jump of 96 ft. 2nd went to Madison’s Mel Cyra with a leap of 79 ft, and 3rd went to Julie Jahnke of Marquette with a 73 footer.”

“Men’s and women’s trick started bright and early Sunday morning. For the men it was again all rookie competitors Andy Madden of Illinois State (little brother of U of Illinois All Star Christie Madden) and Matt Knafla of Iowa State battling it out for 1st. Andy took the win with 1690, and Matt placed 2nd with 1520. Coming in 3rd was John Roberts from Northern Illinois with 1040. Cory Cassidy took another win in the women’s trick division with a score of 1100, and again Madison took the 2nd and 3rd spots with Beth Kruchten placing 2nd with 820, and Mel Cyra taking 3rd with 700. Men’s jump finished up Sunday’s events. Andy Madden took another win with a huge leap of 132ft. Close on his heels and coming in 2nd was Missouri State’s Cole Kalkbrenner with 125, and in 3rd with 114 was Christian Scharosch of Kansas.”

It was all wrapped up with a 100’ front flip attempt by UW-Milwaukee’s Craig Planton.

Collegiate show skiing? When will it start?

Now what about the teams, of course we see the common powerhouse Madison taking first, they were followed by Missouri State and UW-Lacrosse. UW-Lacrosse coming through big took first in Women’s trick with the highest girl tricker getting 250. Where is MU, I mean come on with all that funding why aren’t they up there? Don’t worry there girls team still kills taking second overall, even with some of there best trickers have not so much there best day. They are still a force to be reckoned with. Wait till next weekend when they bring out the big guns from the men’s team. With the numbers only planning to grow next weekend it is hard to tell what we will be seeing at Nationals from the Midwest this year.

The Iowa tournament also shows the great increase in collegiate skiing. With there being 19 teams and 200 skiers B team had to be canceled. Collegiate skiing is on the up and up. Team Midwest as always is leading the way. Hats off to Iowa for a great tournament!

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  1. Do you think Craig could do that on a trick ski if he practiced? If so, he could do that trick alone, and then just wave to the judges for the other 19 seconds, and placed 7th in tricks. Throw in a couple side slides and he is challenging the top five!

  2. he tried his first trick flip at practice and got to the ski, just a little short, (sounds familier). but i think with a bit of training he can do it.

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    am i the only one that is creeped out by that picture?

  4. Anonymous10:13 AM

    It is really creepy. But how about this:

    This is an actual picture from the same weekend. Coincidence?


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