Sep 24, 2007

Great Plains Conference Championship

Once again, an intrepid CRB minion filed this dispatch following the Great Plains Conference Championship.


This previous weekend was one of dreams coming true and hearts being broken, yes ladies and gentlemen it was Conference weekend for MCWSA. There were a lot of new names hitting the leader board this weekend. It was probably one of the most exciting conference tournaments in quite some time. With first and second place men’s jump being separated by just one foot and there being a 70 point spread between the cutoff for regionals in the last round of men’s jump.

Saturday began with Men’s slalom and Women’s jump. As skiers woke up and fell down the hill probably into someone’s puke from the night before they made there way to the starting dock.

In Men’s slalom we see quite a few new names on the board. Chris Prem of Colorado took first with ½ @ 35’ off, second was Christian Schraosch of Kansas with 3.5 @ 32’ off, third was a tie between Matt Knafla of Iowa State and Mark Cassidy of University of Illinois with 3.0 at 32’ off and fifth was taken home by John Weber of UW-Milwaukee with 2.5 at 32’off.

In Women’s Jump we see some more familiar names Christe Madden of Illinois takes home the gold with a 102 leap, second place was taken by Iowa’s Leah Timmerman with a 99 foot jump, third was taken by Mel Cyra of Madison jumping 88 feet, fourth place was Cory Cassidy of Iowa with 86 feet and fourth was Marcy Holz of Marquette with a 75 foot jump.

Men’s trick was also on Saturday. Matt Knafla hits the leaderboard again with a score of 2000 to take first, followed by Mark Cassidy tricking 1980, Andy Madden of Illnois State tricked 1750 to take third, Christian Scharosch tricked 1580 to take fourth, and fifth was taken by Cole Kalkbrenner of Missouri state with a score of 1480.

Women’s trick closed off the day with Christe Madden taking yet one more gold medal with a score of 1770, Cory Cassidy tricked 1560 to take second, Julie Jahnke of Marqutte took third with 1330, Beth Krutchen of Madison took fourth with 740 and fifth was taken by another Madison skier Mel Cyra with a score of 620.

As soon as B team trick ended you could quickly hear a wave of beer cans being popped and kegs being taped as teams prepared for the “yard sale” party. One great way to make girls wear very little clothing, however, has a great downfall in the fact that guys tend to take this too far. There were a few too many bare asses walking around, which is just not cool.

The next morning began with women’s slalom and men’s jump. Two big placement factors for many teams. In women’s slalom Cory Cassidy takes home the gold with .25 @ 32’ off, Cheryl Scharosch of Kansas takes second with 3 @ 22’ off, Tristan Strageland of Missouri takes 3rd with 2 @ 22’ off, the Donen sisters from Madison take fourth and fifth with 5 buoys @ 15’ off and 34 mph.

Men’s jump is where it got really interesting. First place was taken by Ryan Backlund of UW-Milwaukee who jumped 129. We know “Who?” “From Milwaukee?” That’s what everyone else was saying. Second was a helmet throwing one foot away with a jump of 128 by Andy Madden, third was Mark Cassidy with a jump of 120, fourth was Cole Kalkbrenner with a jump of 118, and fifth was another Missouri State skier Matt Didion with a jump of 115.

Now here is what everyone wants to know, first did that front flip kid land? Yes he did, there was also a gainer thrown in there and quite a few hellies. We really need to get this collegiate show skiing thing going. But honestly what everyone wants to know is who’s going on, at the end of men’s jump Colorado, Milwaukee and Stout were battling it out for 10th and with Backlund’s 129 foot jump it looked like Milwaukee had it. But as we know collegiate scoring is confusing as all hell and that didn’t happen.

10) Colorado
9) UW-Stout
8) Illinois State
7) Iowa State
6) Kansas State
5) UW-Lacrosse
4) Marquette
3) Illinois
2) Missouri State
1) UW-Madison

Missouri state looks strong with four guys in the century club, they aren’t doing too bad. Watch out for them this year. Last years Cinderella team is being held up by there women’s team and the guys are going to have to step it up next weekend if they want to make it to Nationals again. Another interesting team is UW-Lacrosse will they go this year or will Octoberfest hold them back like the last two years. A new team to regionals is Colorado. They will have to pack up and travel 20 hours for the third weekend in a row. No wonder why they are doing so well, that team has some drive (no pun intended!)

Yet again this goes to show the growth in collegiate skiing. With a new team hitting top ten and freshman all over the leader board this sport is only going to get bigger. With jump scores like this from two freshman, the question is how long can Cale’s jump record stay? Once again UW-Madison put together a great tournament on a beautiful site. Thanks to Madison and Waters Edge for a great tourney!

Scoreboard - NCWSA.Com

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  1. Sorry all but the minion was still recovering from the weekend when writting this and there were a few errors as to who goes to what school. Mark Cassidy is from University of Illnois, Christe Madden and Cory Cassidy are also from Illnois. So apparently Illnois has a really good time, must have missed that part, sorry Illini. Personally I blame it on flip cup!


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