Jul 25, 2007

Yo, taking a break

Fellow CRB'ers....

as you may have noticed, we havent been to keen on updating this mofo, well, sorry, but get used to it.

We are going on vacation till the end of August.

We will be back like a bitch then, but, untill...sorry....to much shit happening at the HQ to make it happen.

For the 1's of you who pay attention, hopefully you don't jump a cliff, but we want to bring the sickness. It coming.



  1. Anonymous1:58 AM

    i guess waterskiing is more important than waterski blogging. but damn, what am i going to do at work?

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    This is complete crap. How is the CRB going to just up and get a real life. I liked the CRB a lot more when he just sat at home and recited the whole script from the big labowski backwards in the dark. At least then he had time for us little people.

  3. CRB -

    You better get back here. We miss you. And this is the most wonderful time of the year, ITS COLLEGE SKI SEASON!!!!!!

    Please don't let us down.

  4. It's been 10 days since the end of August... I'm a little confused by your tactics CRB. I'm eagerly awaiting a recap of this weekends tournaments and can't wait to see the prospects of the Hope college Wrecking Crew!

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    This is getting a bit ridiculous (or somehting). Please come back

  6. Listen to your fans.
    We want you.
    We need you.

    Let's be honest, the rest of the season, is no big deal. But college skiing is where you do your best stuff. Get off the couch, brush off the cheetos from your shirt, and write some hilarious stuff!

    Oh yeah, Please?


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