Jul 11, 2007

Our Favorite Wakeboarder is Nominated for an Award....or something that may be construed as one if Mr. Punk'd hadn't allready won like 12 of them.

Odd, I am also thinking Arby's

How about that for a long title!

Anyways, in doing our research into the live of our CRB office idol, Dallas Friday, we learned that she was nominated for a Teen Choice Award. Which is going to be televised late August on Nickelodeon.

Whew knew that was still on tv?

Anyways, we were going to post the entire list of nominees for the awards show, but, know this, its an award show aimed at teenagers so there are about 80 billion categories full of non-sense. For example: Ashton Kutcher is nominated as a "Choice Actor" for his amazing role in "The Guardian"...whatever the hell that was.

Anyways, she is nominated in the category of Choice Action Sport: Female, a group that includes: Gretchen Bleiler - Snowboarder, Kristi Leskinen - Free Skiing, Hannah Teter – Skateboarding and Lisa Andersen - Surfing.

Hopefully those girls can rise up, unite and conquer the demons that are the "Choice OMG Moment."


Teen Choice Award Nominees (Portableplanet)

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  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Lazy rowboat. you act like its prime waterskiing season and you have better things to do than post the stuff that makes the world go round.


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