Jun 12, 2007

I am, in fact, your huckleberry

Watch your back Parrish

Back for its second go around, if you will, is the Waterski Magazines Slalom Shootout.

/Golf Clap

It begins on Webcast TV on Wednesday Morning at 8:00 AM...and who in their right mind wants to watch waterskiing at 8 am?

But, anyways, the event is back this year on your computer screen with a few changes. There is a day one, but, nothing really fun goes on then. So we skip ahead to day two (Wednesday) and paste some info nabbed from Waterski Mags website.
"Day Two – Slalom Shootout Part I

*Open Men's Slalom Tournament: A one-round, men's slalom tournament for the chance to compete in two more non-traditional events.

*38 Off Spin it to Win It: The top 12 skiers from the open round run consecutive 38-off passes until they fall or quit. The skier with the highest ball count wins.

Day Three – Slalom Shootout Part II

*ProAm Tournament: Clinic participants will compete alongside three skiers from each boat team in a handicapped, Class F tournament for the chance to win gear and prizes.

*Cold 39 Contest: The top 12 skiers from the open round start the event at the 39.5 off pass and see how close they can get to the world record.

*Head-to-head Team Challenge: In each heat, one skier from each team skis behind his sponsor's boat. The best score wins the heat and a point for the team. At the end of five heats, the team with the most heats won (points) wins the challenge."
I got some beers, LETS DRINK EM!!

What would be more interesting would be instead of a cold 39, have a cold 30/30 competition.

Now granted, there may not be technically a 30 off pass, but, follow me on this one.

You are required to slam a 30 pack...beer bong available if need be...and then you must ski a 30 off pass.

Think about it, how awesome would that be? Just imagine!

Probably some of this

Followed by some of this

And then some of this!!

Lets get it on!!

Slalom Shootout (watetskimag.com)

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  1. Anonymous2:57 PM

    now how in the world does a car get stuck in power lines like that?

    and im in for your 30-30 comp, of course ive never run a full 28 off pass, but ill give it a shot. maybe a cube of liquid skills will put me in the win column, or the hospital. either or sounds good to me.


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