May 15, 2007

Its Almost Here

Collegiate All-Stars....just a couple days away. Here is the stuff from that supposed to be all in quotes?

"Borderline Lake is one of Washington's premiere private waterski lakes. It is located 20 minutes north of Bellingham in the city of Blaine, WA. There is plenty of on-site parking at the lake as well as ample room for spectators. Camping at the lake is only allowed by special permission. Address: 8610 White Rd, Blaine, WA 98230.

Friday, May 18th
--Practice ALL DAY starts at 8am
--Salmon dinner at the Lake

Saturday, May 19th
--8am Start - Mens Slalom
--Womens Slalom
--Mens Trick
--Womens Trick
--Banquet @ Fox Hall at the Hampton Inn

Sunday, May 20th
--8am Start - Womens Jump
--Mens Jump
--Closing Ceremonies at the Lake"

All-Stars (NCWSA.COM)

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