May 1, 2007

100th Thats alot of beer.

100? Damn your old.

We made it to 100 posts, actually 104 to be honest. Our 100th post post got sort of over run by that crazy video and of course, VT.

The idea of the 100th post post, was to look back at what we have done in now just over the course of a year.

But, those of us who strong-arm the man at the CRB we aren't ones for looking back...only forward towards the future.

Here is some things that we think should, will or may happen as we go forward.

You have a problem with purple? Screw you buddy.

1) Sammy Duvall takes over as head of USA Waterski. Why not Andy Mapple like we suggested before? Because in thinking about it, Sammy Duvall has more name recognition, runs a successful "ski school" at Disney and...oh yeah, has name recognition. People who don't ski have a much better chance of knowing who he is then Andy Mapple. No disrespect Andy, but, Sammy is the man.


2) Collegiate Waterskiing. Of all the various disciplines in the world (besides wakeboard) collegiate skiing seems to really be finding a strong and solid niche. It has a sort of frat party / get drunk and ski / screw :) vibe that does two things. 1) Make it fun and 2) piss off the uptight brigade. But with it getting some TV love. we can see some very cool places for collegiate skiing to go. Specifially, it would be cool if the powers that be saw what makes the sport so good and exploit a way. Promote it as a party with some skiing....some world class skiing...or some mediocre skiing depending, but, get the word out. Get it on tv, get it to the intertubes, spread the love. Because, lets be honest, if you were in got some love.

/Shoot and miss

Your a daisy if you do!

/Buffering 25%



/Buffering 75%



/Shoot and kill

Smells like someone died...SUCK IT HOLIDAY!!

3) Waterskiing online. The only logical place for our sport to go...again besides wakeboarding. But, lets be honest, untill someone antes up some dough and makes a tournament or tour that is somewhat easy to follow and packages it in a way that someone can digest then it will never work on tv. So, the Puter is the way to go. If you remember when Waterski Magazine did the webcast slalom battle rap fiasco (which was one of our favorite posts...with the immortal line "SUCK IT HOLIDAY!") but, thats a good start. Put it online, during the week so those of us who sit in a fucking cubicle and waste our lives away have something to watch.

From there, maybe it can be expanded to the tv. But, with the increasing technology in that world and the ability to stream everything live to your computer, tv, lappy, phone, etc, it just makes sense to jump on it now.

4) What else? I know there are some of you out there. Comment. What do you think is going to happen, what do you think should, what would you like to see? I want to see Adriana Lima in a swim suit running 28 off. You?


  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Wow, that is a disjointed post. Maybe try proof-reading or an outline sometime.

  2. Anonymous1:25 AM

    I agree, online is the way to go. TV is best but right now we are only getting on random channels that most of us have never heard of, ie water channel, cstv, and such. But online we all can watch, not just those with the Dish TV extreme water channel package.

  3. Anonymous10:33 PM

    like OMG 100 thats awsome. I wonce wrote a 100 word essay on how cheerleading was cool.

    and then i killed a bug crawling arcoss the floor.

    Note to self. Call exterminator, or tristan. thay seam to no about bugs.

    May be Call bugs. he has got to be called bugs for some reason. Or else he would go by nate. Or is that Nat. a Nat is a bug I guess.

    Guess jeans Rock.


  4. And we need more bloggers too.
    Yeah, yeah, I know, what you are thinking. I have an excuse, I moving in a couple weeks, computer time is spent packing.

  5. and congrats on big # 104


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