Mar 16, 2007

Quick Update: The CRB Tourney Bracket is Busted

Are we white or What?!?!

So, the CRB staff put together our annual college basketball tournament bracket in advance of the actual selection show. Its an annual event around the CRB headquarters, each employee gets a handle of gin, a box of chocolate chip cookies, a bag a limes and a carton of cigarettes and watch Notting Hill over and over.

Then we all have a good cry and pass out.

This year was no different, in fact, it was easier, we just penciled in the Hope College Destruction Crew to win the whole damn thing and went about our business with a sense of satisfaction that we were going to take the CRB bookie for all his dough.

However, for some reason, the selection commitee decided not to include the HCDC (Hope College Destruction Crew) in the field of 65. WTF?

As far as we can figure, the business machine that is the NC2A blackballed our peeps because they had some vested interest in seeing the so-called "big" schools attract tv exposure.

OR, and more likely, they wanted a competitive tournament and not the HCDC just demolishing everyone.

So, naturally, our bracket it all out of wack, seeing as we had Hope beating all the number one seeds in the first UNC, Florida, Kansas and OSU took their best players and made one super team (UFKU) and Hope just sent out a ball-boy and two shooting guards and mopped the floor.

But, that didn't happen, so we are left with the tatters of once was a great bracket..Damn YOU NCAA!!

So, without the Hope crew to pin our hopes and egos on, we are hitching our CRB bandwagon (still room!!) to....ORAL ROBERTS!!!



Huh? They lost allready? Damn...

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