Mar 15, 2007

Pickos Waterski and Wakeboard School (1 of 5)

Holla at a Playa!

Explanation: The following 5-part look at various ski schools is put together with knowledge gleaned from actually skiing at, being at, coaching at or talking to people who have done one of those. Thanks to CRB2 for putting all of this together. Smart-ass comments, as usual, by the CRB staff. Enjoy. Comment.

Up Front:

Located in Santa Rosa Beach on the pan handle of Florida, Pickos ski school is run by one of the best trick skiers in history, Cory Pickos himself 24 time world record holder and the instructors are some of the biggest up and comers in our sport.

Coaching: 3 stars
Cory has always been one of the best trickers in the world, and so are some of his instructors. If you are interested in getting better at tricking there is no better school in the world. The instructors are no slouchs with jump and slalom either.

Amenities: 4 stars
The white sand of the Pickos family lakes adds to the appeal of the the ski school as a whole. The lakes are built long and narrow for defense against the wind, and the banks are specially designed to kill waves, making the lakes some of the best in the world.

Nightlife: 4.5 stars
located on the same island as Panama City Beach gives Pickos a close proximity to one of the top spring break locations in the country.

Meaning if you don't "enjoy" yourself, you have no pulse. We have "heard" that that area of Florida during spring break is...use your damn imagination...

Cost: 3 stars
At $875 per week Pickos is one of the more expensive ski schools in the country. But the location and amenities counter the high cost.

Most ski schools are fairly expensive, the up front cost here is maybe higher then normal, but, as the adage goes, you pay for what you get.

Ski Conditions: 4 stars
The lakes are designed well to counter the winds coming off of the gulf, but hurricans are always a threat in this part of the world.

Special note: If you look close at the picture above, does it not look a little Phallic in nature? Not sure if the ski school endorses sex education via areal photography, but, what gives?

Weather: 4.5 stars
The panhandle of Florida is a top vacation destination for spring breakers for a good reason, the weather is amazing. The only down fall being the hurricans during the late summer.

But since its spring break, all bets are off. It could be really nice, or mid-60's ish, which sounds appealing to northerners its not a north 60, its a south 60, so its decent or awesome. Take your pick.

Scenery: 4.75 stars
There is a good reason that college students flock to panama city beach for spring break, the amazing scenery and the amazing bodies. MTVs spring break spends quite a bit of time in Panama City beach.


Possibility for arrest/stds/alligator bites: 4.5 stars
Spring break trips and Panama City Beach are a bad combination if you want to stay out of trouble, so just be smart and get your ski on.

However, if you are into that sort of thing...then by all means, GET SOME!!

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