Mar 18, 2007

Mccormicks ski school (2 of 5)

Is that the CRB headquarters? It should be.

Explanation: The following 5-part look at various ski schools is put together with knowledge gleaned from actually skiing at, being at, coaching at or talking to people who have done one of those, additional info simply gleaned from the website. Thanks to CRB2 for putting all of this together. Smart-ass comments, as usual, by the CRB staff. Enjoy. Comment.

Up Front:

Located close to the heart of the Florida waterski community of Lakeland and close to Orlando. The school was one of the first waterski school to open anywhere and has been operating since 1956.

Thats 50 some years! Wow. Navigate around their website, which is pretty dope, and it looks pretty nice and family friendly...and they allow pets!

Coaching: 3.5 stars
Sixty percent of the people who attend the school are beginners. Thirty percent are intermediates and approximately 10 percent are title holders. Well trained instructors help all levels advance in there skiing abilities.

Michael McCormick seems like a pretty neat dude, there is a picture of him riding a scooter by the way. They list a pretty impressive resume of coaching accomplishments not to mention training partners.

Amenities: 4 stars
Bunk style rooms located right next to the lake provide easy access and great views. The dinning area is top notch and very modern.

No word on the Hooters waitresses serving wings, but, the grub is top-notch.

HI Diddly Ho Neighbor!

: 4 stars
located between St. Petersburg and Orlando on the I 4 corridor giving easy access to both and the nightlife that both contain.

Meaning, if you are a family type, there is the money-pit / soul sucking experiance of the various theme parks, but also the vaunted Orlando night life. Which doesn't suck. Don't know anything about St. Pete, but, there is probably some bars and stuff to go to.

Cost: 2.5 stars
Kids camp comes in at $675 but for adult pricing you have to contact the school and work out a price. The lack of info on the website is a down fall, the more information provided the better.

Meaning, its a bit confusing. So the star rating reflects that. They say just give them a call and negotiate. Cool, but, we are savagely against any form of communication where the man may be tapping our lines, so, we use computers and a website, which no one reads anyways, so its cool!!

Ski Conditions: 4.5 stars
Very well built lakes provide some of the best skiing in the country. Located in the heart of the 3 event world, an area that has earned its fame for good reason, there are few areas in the world that are better.

Serious, look at the pictures, looks cool.

Weather: 4 stars
Florida contains the most ski schools in the country because the weather is so awsome, but as with all ski schools in the area, your vacation can be hampered by hurricanes or extreme heat.

But, again, it is Florida, so for the most part, its awesome.

Scenery: 4 stars
For waterskiing sceanery, it gets no better than the Lakeland Florida area.

Possibility for arrest/stds/alligator bites (shenanigans): 3 stars
Orlando can be quite the city to visit and can lead to fun nights in the county lock up. Keep your mind on waterskiing and the possibility for arrest goes down.

But, thats silly. If you are hard-core, then by all means, keep your mind on skiing. If you are like the rest of the world, get it on!! There are some alligators, so, if you wipe out, just remember the old adage. They won't eat you if you eat them first.

McCormicks (

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