Mar 20, 2007

The Countdown Begins!!


Only two short months away is our holy grail. The Collegiate All-Stars. Its an awesome time of year and we are pumped.

The weekend of May 18th - 20th can't come soon enough. It marks the start of the CRB summer season, we get to see (or read about) the best collegiate skiers and we get to write 10,000 words of non-sense!!!

Plus, we get to finally give our our annual Kurtis Threlkeld award!!!

In a runaway last year, Kurtis nabbed the amazingly well-named award (fine, it was called the GBH then, but, whatevs) in his first try, we have some contenders this year, but, it will take a herculean effort to grab the amazingly small, but, accurate reproduction of a little green boathouse (oh, remember the good old days?) from the vice-like grip of Maria.

So, get your damn waterski chevette ready to travel to Western Washington University and drink beer like a fucking college student should!!

ONE MORE THING!!! The damn thing will be on TV this year, peep this from the big bad Jeff Surdej from
"This will not be an event you want to miss. Right now we are in deep talks with the outdoor life network (OLN). OLN reaches 70 million households and we are just days away from confirming that they will be on site to film the entire event. It would air prime time on a Saturday night between 7pm and 10pm as well as 2 other shows. NCWSA even gets one 30 second commercial during those shows."
Prime Time Waterski? wha..wha..WHAT?!?!?!

Move of NHL, the All-Stars are here!!

The CRB is amped! Lets do this up right!!

2007 All-stars under 2 months away (

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