Mar 23, 2007

Bennett's Ski School (4 of 5)

Serious, that just isn't fair.

Explanation: The following 5-part look at various ski schools is put together with knowledge gleaned from actually skiing at, being at, coaching at or talking to people who have done one of those, additional info simply gleaned from the website. Thanks to CRB2 for putting all of this together. Smart-ass comments, as usual, by the CRB staff. Enjoy. Comment.

Up Front:
Run by two very dedicated waterski coachs, Jay and Anne Bennett, Bennetts ski school is one of the top schools in the country for a good reason. An amazing 3 lake site built within a short distance of Baton Rouge and New Orelans. Also near the heart of the Hurrican Katrina affected area, while Bennetts did not receive a bad hit, the surronding towns did.

Coaching: 3.5 stars
Bennentts has some of the best skiing talent available anywhere, but that does not mean you will get the best instruction. Sometimes the high level of skiers talent does not translate to the best instruction avalable, it has been quite sometime since these guys have been at our level. In general if you show interest in your development they will respond likewise.

Meaning, the ability for naturally talented people to translate their skillz into teaching is sometimes strained. However, the ying-yang twins will step-up to the plate if you do!!

Your time share is ready dude.

4.5 stars
There are multiple options available for rooming. There are cabins along the side of the lake, dorms avalable in the main lodge, and also some suites.

There is a pro-shop on site with all the latest stuff that you really can't afford, see examples HERE and HERE, plus they have a hot-tub....oh my.

Nightlife: 4 stars
Fun bars in Baton Rouge, and the French Qurater is only an hour and a half away. During the spring Drinking and partying on site is aceptable, even encouraged by Jay with his Crawfish Boil night.

Look, lets not beat around the bush and pretend that we aren't all thinking the same thing. Zachary, LA is just a hop, skip and a 4 ball away from the big easy, and no, thats not my mom you jerk.

So, the nightlife options are endless. Graded down for being a long drive, but, you could very easily pay for a week of skiing, do some Monday shortline and then hit New Orleans and get on a plane two weeks later with a new bride, a drinking problem and no hair. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Also, regarding the crawfish boil. How awesome is that? The owner man getting his grub on to cook you up some eats? That alone is worth the price of admission, because its cool, but, add in the temptations that surround the place and Bennett's is solid!

Cost: 4.25 stars
Honestly, its just to damn difficult to describe without an abucus to explain the various different prices here at Bennett's, so we won't try. Suffice to say the prices are nice and if you are a college student you can roll for a week like a pimp.

I don't even need a damn boat!

Ski Conditions: 4 stars
3 of the nicesest lakes anywhere, TriLakes. Hosts record capable tournaments. Hosted NCWSA nationals in 2004 and will again in 2007.

Right. Check out their photo album of site shots, you aren't going to find a crap run here. If its good enough for the NCWSA, then its good enough for you.

The CRB cynical staff is doubting that the lakes are naturally that green, or blue, or whatever, but, we have people who know people who may or may not have been there to ski and its just awesome.

Weather: 3 stars
Open from February thru November, can get pretty chilly during early and late season. Usually pretty mild. Lakes are all on the same axis, so if the wind blows down the lake it can get pretty rough.

However, as we all know, god loves waterskiiers so its all good.

You didn't think it was all going to be hotties and fun did you?

: 5 stars
All right look, we have a confession to make. We like Danyelle all right? But, for the ladies, the dudes are pretty good too.

Possibility for arrest/stds/alligator bites (shenanigans): Lots of stars
Only a hour and a half drive from New Orleans so the possiblibllty for shenanigans are limitless. But with New Orleans doing its damndest to prove that their NFL team is misnamed it might be a better idea to stick to Baton Rouge, only a 15 min drive away.

Bennetts (


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    wow, im a little disturbed by the frog chicks pic.

  2. You forgot to mention one other amenity at Bennett's: You are withing driving distance of a sacred pilgimage. Kentwood, LA, childhood home of Britney Spears, is a mere hour and a half away. She even looks like the Dali Llama(sp?) Legend has it that if you drink the water from the garden hose at the Spears home you will receive three wishes

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