Jan 16, 2007

Slapped Gators

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If you weren't watching "Stunt Junkies" last night on the Discovery Channel, which is understandable seeing as terrorists blew up a nuclear bomb in LA on 24, then you missed Scot Ellis launching over 18 boats with out landing in one.

Which was pretty cool, the show itself, besides a title that seems to be plucked from a middle-age white man focus group and at least one host who despite good intentions comes off as slightly nerdier version of the Late Shows Alan Kalter.


One of the host guys, Eli, went out with Scot and learned to jump real quick, and he for not skiing or jumping did allright by himself and was a nice counter-balance to Scot looking so FUCKING EFFORTLESS flying the way he does.

They also did a quick recap or impressions or whatever on their website and its pretty by the books but its nice to read anyway.

But to the CRB the most amazing part of it, besides the camera work, was Scot himself.

First of all, it takes one tough man to rock that hairstyle!!

Second, who knew that his foot was so fucked up? Maybe we just aren't in the know, but, that crash did some damage to his body. That was the most interesting part, how he gets ready, all the duct tape and what not.

Third, the science behind the skis was cool. The airplane wing stuff. I am sure that is something to tackle at a later date here in the CRB world.

That being said they did a real nice job of explaining a small sport in easy to understand ways, including some fun science facts (I see you Bill Nye) and some really well done camera work.

What I would really like to see, however, is some of the raw footage and camera angles from Scot's jumps. They had camera's all over the place and some of that could be put together and really make the boys at "Edged in Water" get their game on, seeing as this show beat the pants off of the EIW boys in camera work.

All in all it was awesome and they have a cool video section on the Discovery.Com website that give a 50 second or so highlight package.

Top Notch!!

Video (Discovery.Com)
Recap (Discovery.Com)

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