Jan 22, 2007

A quiz..of sorts

Being officially intrigued by the world of waterski racing, someone needs to explain what the hell THIS all means.

This is a realm of the sport that is baffling. How does it work? How to you win?

Oh...Wait...thank you internets, its all essplained here.
A ski race team consists of a boat driver, an observer and a skier. The driver will tow the skier, varying the speed as different water conditions are encountered, according to the driver's knowledge of the skier, the observer's ability to read the skier and the signals which the skier gives to the driver. Novices who have not progressed onto a mono ski, can race on a pair, although it is far easier to compete on a single ski, once learned. A"race ski" is normally between seven and eight feett in length with two full boot bindings
Right, that explains it. Race on Brothas!

Waterski Racing (Cowra Guardian)
About (About.com)

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