Jan 15, 2007

And Then I Will Bitchslap an Alligator!

I will KILL that Nautique!!

So says Scot Ellis* who will be on the TV tonight on the Discovery Channel jumping over a bunch of boats.
"Scot Ellis plans on breaking the world record for the number of boats jumped by a man on water ski's, a record held long time mentor, water ski Hall of Famer Hank Longo. Scot will attempt to jump over 20+ jet boats (250+ feet), beating the world record."
It is recommended that all rowboat residents check this out. Its bound to be awesome. Although, 250 plus feet sounds a little dubious, seeing as the world record is 243 and Freddy wasn't presented with the challenge of Failure = Death.

Click here for the Discovery Channel website or here for the Ski Fly Chat Board to discuss.

The official schedule for viewing (in eastern time)

Jan. 15 @ 10:30 PM (Wisely not programed against 24)
Jan. 16 @ 2:30 AM (Going for the late night stoned crowd..we guess)
Jan. 19 @ 11:30 PM (Friday night at 11:30 = Ratings Bonanza!!)
Jan. 29 @ 2:30 PM (That housewife crowd is big)

Got to hand it to Scot, he is out there getting it done and getting our sport on TV. Fairly ballsy stunt if you axe the rowboat. Wish the best of luck and hopefully we get to see more stuff like this on the tube.

* Scot Ellis did not say he would bitchslap an Alligator. Although, its possible that he could do so anyways...he's bad-ass like that.

The Big Jump (Discovery.com)
Chat Board (Skifly.com)

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