Dec 14, 2006

A Very Creaky Xmas - Trick Ski Edition

I am Nicolas Le Forestier, I can waste any wakeboarder around.

Lets play a little game here, sort of a question and answer thing.

Q: Why are Trick Skis easier to find online?
A: No idea.

Q: Thanks for that CRB, well said.
A: Affirmative.

Q: Care to expound?
A: Would love to. But, the answer lies within young grasshopper. Search deep in your soul for the answers that you seek. True enlightenment comes from the acceptance of the unknown swirling winds of the sub-conscious.

Q: Go to hell.
A: Boo-YA.

So, lets the hierarchy of the waterski world, lets assume or guess that the popularity of the different disciplines is as such:
  1. Wakeboard
  2. Collegiate
  3. Slalom
  4. Trick
  5. Barefoot
  6. Jump
  7. Show
  8. Hydro
  9. Ski Race
  10. Knee Board
Now granted, collegiate and show takes into account all these different aspects, but, just an in general. Meaning, you can show ski and slalom but, you aren't really a slalomer, or ski for a collegiate team but not be into jumping.

Anyways, take a look at the rough rankings and that may explain the easier availability of Trick Ski's online vs. Jumpers.

It is our belief that Trick Skiing is going to make a hell of a push towards the top of the waterski world. CRB believes that it combines the wow factor of Wakeboarding while providing a more intricate skill-set that the hard core skiers identify with.

Nothing against the wakeboard world, thats the mighty empire in the waterski world, and with one of our favorites, Dallas Friday, heading up the sport they are going to be strong.

But, there is room to grow for the trick ski people as well, especially if people like Siemers and Le Forestier continue to blow peoples minds!

Plus, from a superficial standpoint, people look better trick skiing then they do jumping or slaloming. For example:

For the guys, Ms. Danyelle Bennett

For the girls Mr. Jimmy Siemers

Jimmy's picture isn't great, but, you get the idea. Jumping you have a helmet on and a big wetsuit and normally have some goofy expression on your face, of course you get that in trick skiing too. But, lets be honest guys, girls look better wearing their trick ski get-up vs. jump stuff. Girls, ditto. Would you rather see Jimmy there wearing what he is wearing or with a wetsuit and helmet and sling?

Just human nature pilgrims, SEX SELLS!! Get your shop on!

Quantum Carbon Trick Ski - $575
Available Online:

Sort of the new guy on the block. Designed and produced, I guess, by Russell Gay. He of the unfortunate last name and owner of the very nifty mini-Overton's type online store, Masterline. Also making ropes and handles and bags and the like. Pretty cool stuff all around actually.
"This ski is 100% carbon fiber layup for a stiff, light and very strong ski. The balsa core is very light but is stronger than foam and offers more resistance to heel and handle dings."
Well, thats good right? No one wants dings. Points for neat look, cool name, easy purchase availability. Points deducted for price (I know, everyone is getting screwed here) and weird symbol, like the guy/girl sticker you see at bathrooms in bars when you can't read anymore and just look for the person wearing pants or a dress. But, in this case its the weird boy symbol.

CRB Ranking: B

Reflex Futif - Unknown
Available Online: Reflex World

This is the ski that Nick Le Forestier skis on. Thats should be good enough for all of us.

This is actually a pretty cool looking ski, but if you look at their website and their other skis available, you know that this was the only one the escaped the hands of some criminally insane graphic designer. I don't know what the fascination is with zebra stripes and what not, but, good god man...even though you are French doesn't give you an excuse for that!!

We kid!! Le Forestier is the man, we love him here, and here is an interesting note on the Furtif.
"The grey finish of the "furtif" is a special paint that allows the best gliding. This paint can be lightly sanded before each event to obtain a perfect mat finish."
Interesting. But, not near as cool as this.
"La couleur grise du "Furtif" est une peinture spéciale pour la glisse. Cette peinture peut être légèrement poncée avant chaque compétition pour obtenir un finish parfait."

Points for cool design, neat name, Le Forestier skis on them and general mystery of being French. Points off for lack of price and weird language on their site!!

CRB Ranking: A

O'Brien HC Trick Ski - $599
Available Online: Performance Ski and Surf

Wow, is that a loud looking ski. It seems that O'Brien is the Wal-Mart of waterskis. Meaning, they are loud and stand out in a crowd. Probably do everything that they are supposed to do, but don't really inspire any love or sense of communion with the company and ski.

That could be entirely crap as far as I know, especially because this ski is one of the most expensive around, with the only one more expensive is the Goode trick.

The green graphics scream late 80's to me.

CRB Ranking: B-

Connelly HC Trick - $539
Available Online: Performance Ski and Surf

Now that is a col looking trick ski. Simple graphics...or, no graphics, just a black top with yellow trim and the company name on the bottom. O'Brien may want to take a look at this ski or the Goode ski and you can see what looks good vs. what looks cheap and silly.

Again, as noted in the jump post, Connelly seems to be the "mass" market ski. They are a pretty safe choice and never really seem to disappointed.

I don't think anyone has ever said anything negative about Connelly skis of any kind, their Slalom skis are pretty good I guess, not as nice as the D3's or Goode or HO's but, solid none the less. Regardless, they seem to do everything right.

Points for nice looking ski, ease of purchase and general confidence in product. Points deducted for...umm...lack of hydrofoil?

CRB Ranking: A

D3 Custom X - $575
Available Online: D3

Turns out the O'Brien and D3 graphics guys had a long night out at the local watering hole, probaly knocked back about 20 Zima's and maybe a few shots of Goldschlager, then met up with a couple of girls wearing leg warmers and ripped sweatshirts falling off the shoulder, they danced for a bit to the soothing sounds of Firehouse and Cinderella then hopped on their scooters for a trip back to the design studio for some after hours.

From their they proceeded to make out in and around and on the desk that has the photoshop open. Must have hit the mouse or something and maybe the warp function and the paint fill icon, and this was the result...for both.

Skis are great though.

Points for solid design and lots of pro people seem to like them, points off for weird, if not uninspired, graphics.

CRB Ranking: B+

Goode Trick Ski - $690
Available Online:

One of the few current models that the CRB has skied on recently, so, the opinion being espoused is very slanted.

But, this is the best trick ski there is. It looks cool, skis amazing and comes from a company where the owner is actually a very talented skier in his own right.

The thing weighs next to nothing, tracks awesome but doesn't feel like you can't turn or get lift off the wake.

Then...there is the price.


That is just amazing. Amazing. There are no other descriptive words to describe it. That is just an astounding price for a 42 inch piece of Carbon.

Points for being the best ski around, cool looks, and admittedly being our favorite ski. Points deducted for insane cost.

CRB Ranking: A-

Thats a tough ranking, I really love that ski and really would love to have one of my own. But, the cost is so outrageous that it simply can't take the top spot in good faith.

There is no way that I would ever pay that much for a trick ski, ever. But, since this is Christmas time, fell free fellow CRB people to send one our way via the UPS.

Final list:
Connelly HC Trick - A
Reflex Furtif - A
Goode Trick Ski - A-
D3 Custom X - B+
Quantum Carbon - B
O'Brien HC - B-

We ended up with a tie between Connelly and Reflex. We need a tie-breaker.


Performance Ski and Surf (
D3 (
Masterline (
Goode (
Reflex (


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    wtf m8??? what happened to goodman. are they to good for the row boat.

    Robot World and Exploratory

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Goodman makes trick skis? I don't believe it.

    \\Waiting for proof

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