Dec 3, 2006

So, a wake 180 really isn't that impressive huh?

Up, Up and Away!

While we anxiously await video or photo proof of Freddy Krueger's world record (pending) its worth noting that Mr. Nicolas Le Forestier himself, while being a disgustingly good trick skiier, isn't afraid to show proof on his own website. This is a youtubed version of his 12,400 point world record run from 2005.

Of note, Le Forestier also has a bunch of other videos of some really cool tricks on his site. Plus some photo goodness of his knee surgery.

Going along with the world record theme of this post, you can look here for a list of current world record holders in the main three event categories, including Skifly.

Pretty impressive stuff. It would be sweet to track down videos from these various runs. If possible.

Pumping in crazy trick ski skill

Here is the list of current world record holders (for those to lazy to click on the link below!). Actually, click here for a very complete list.

IWSF Mens:
Jump: Freddy Krueger (240 feet)
Trick: Nicolas Le Forestier (12,400 Points)
Slalom: Chris Parrish (1.5 at 43 off)
Ski Fly: Jaret Llewellyn (299 feet)

IWSF Women:
Jump: Elena Milakova (186 feet)
Trick: Mandy Nightingale (8,740 Points)
Slalom: Kristi Overton - Johnson (1 at 41 off)
Ski Fly: Elena Milakova (228 Feet)

Jump: Ryan Fitts (193 Feet)
Trick: Jimmy Siemers (6,820 Points)
Slalom: Will Asher (3.5 at 41 off)

NCWSA Women:
Jump: Regina Jaquess (152 Feet)
Trick: Regina Jaquess (4,440 Points)
Slalom: Regina Jaquess (2 at 39.5 off)

Search around and take a look, I can't find Wakeboard records and I don't feel like figuring out how to convert meters to feet for Barefoot. Maybe later on.

Nicolas Le Forestier (
World Records (


  1. I have a correction to your caption. Those are drains in Nick's knee. Some of the mad trick ski skill is being pumped out. Where does the line start for transfusions. I'd camp out for that.

  2. Maybe its being run through a dialysis machine like Keith Richards Blood.

    Keeping his skills fresh you know, getting the contaminants and microbes that could effect his performance.


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