Dec 22, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

What up Playa?

Merry Christmas from the folks at the Creaky Rowboat!!

Hope everyone has a happy and festive holiday season and thank you for coming by our little site here over the course of the last seven or so months.

If you like our site, send it to your friends and family, spread the love!!

We try to have fun and keep things relativity light hearted and funny here and if you read various other sites and message boards it seems that many people seem are quick to rip on our sport, bitch about rules and tear people down instead of build them up

However, the majority of people who take part in this sport are awesome people and simply enjoy the camaraderie of skiing, the thrill of the pull and the lifestyle that comes with it.

You guys fall into that realm, because anyone who reads this is awesome.

So, thanks for stopping by. Even though we moved out of the boathouse into our rowboat, we will always have a full cooler of beer and stories to tell.

Enjoy the holidays. See you next year.

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