Nov 14, 2006

Peter North was not impressed.

My balestra resulted in an unfortunate corps-a-corps

Because we are as childish as you can possibly be, AND because Russel Gay is saddled with a last name that screams for some kind of joke we bring you this from Maybe the editor of that site should pick their words a bit more carefully next time.
"5th November 2006 McCormicks

It looks like Freddy Kreuger has saved it to the very end to set the longest distance ever with a reported 74.1m (243 feet) at McCormick's. Full details when it is confirmed. If approved this distance will be a new World Record.

30th October 2006 McCormicks

Alough not confirmed, reports show that Freddy Krueger went 70.7m (232ft) and Russel Gay just beat off Alikasei for the best score of the weekend with 11 590 points"
What the hell kind of competition is this?!?! and what sort of point system is that!!??

Planet Waterski (


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I saw T-bag practicing for that competition one day when I got home early from class. I could tell he was in the zone but his form wasn't the best.


  2. Planet Waterski's copy writers are decidedly un-cunning linguists.

    I like y'all keepin' them high powered, big-city water skiin' journalists on thier toes.


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