Nov 5, 2006

Nightmare on some lake...somewhere...I guess

We posted this awhile ago and most likely you all have seen it, but in the wake of Freddy breaking his own record of 240 with a 243 its time to take another look.

As this is being written there is no mention of this in any of the places you would hope to see some dap given. no. Waterski Magazine? no. Planetwaterski? no. no.

Where else can you look for info like this?

Unknown. WTF?

It doesn't help that when you google his name you get 900 pages of the other Freddy.

Of course, its not the most prudent thing in the world to take some random message board comment as gospel, especially considering the ass-backwards way in which it seems waterski stuff seems to happen, you would think that someone..ANYONE...involved in more then a cursory way would jump all over this.

Please, if anyone comes across anything regarding this, video, picture, article, please post the link in the comments section. Someone out there should be promoting this sport, beyond the sick fascination of Waterski Mag with slalom. Which really doesn't promote the sport as much as hawk their advertisers product and that damn Edged in Water video.

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