Nov 12, 2006

Hope College to the Rescue?

This is so depressing

Take a gander at this recent post on the webstite:
"In spite of several requests, no team has agreed to step up and bid to host the 2007 NCWSA Nationals. Anyone who's participated lately, knows how big an undertaking this really is. Two years ago, the board extended the bidding cycle to 2 years to make sure the host had ample time to properly prepare and raise sponsorships. We are now under one year and we'll be down to 9 months after the winter board meeting.

Once again, if any team is interested in hosting the 2007 event, please contact Phil Chase or your Regional Chairman immediately.

Bids on the 2008 Nationals and All-Stars are due by the NCWSA Board meeting, on January 26th."
Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock....

Its not fair!! There was time now!

I can think of two solutions to this potential problem.

1) Hope College comes to the rescue!! With the obvious and undeniable destruction of the collegiate waterski season next year from the Hope College Wrecking Crew, its only right that they step up and host the 2007 Nationals at the amazing Hope College Waterski Multi-plex.

If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you get moving and take a peek. Its a dynamic site with plasma televisions and 3 seperate lakes all enclosed in a huge golf dome that allows for year round skiing as well as a state of the art training room, locker rooms, work out facility and full bar.

I heard the Holland, Michigan government spent upwards of 20 million dollars and donated 3 new playstation3's to the site.

2) Remember the fiasco over the World University Championship? That site in Plover, WI (easy to find, look for a lake by the highway next to to a strip mall and a corn field) that was supposed to host last years Worlds?

Well, they screwed the sheep right through the fence and couldn't install the Cabella's and/or waterski magazine course in time. So, they did the right thing. Work harder and get everything ready in time? NO...they just pulled a France and quit.

What better way to make it up to the Waterski world then step up and host the 2007 Nationals?

The way I see it, they owe it to the Collegiate waterski world to host this puppy, just take a look at the proposed site, if it is indeed complete.


2007 Nationals in Jeoprady? (

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  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    3 playstations? Sign me up.


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