Sep 22, 2006

HO and O'Brien is like Mr. Rogers

True dat...Double True

Seeing as we are always on the lookout for informative tid-bits to help the people out in waterski land, here is something that is interesting.

If you click on the picture above, it will show a much bigger picture where you can see where O'Brien and Ho are located. Just about 3 miles from each other.

This is quite interesting, on the bottom right is where HO is located and the top left is where O'Brien is.

The wonder of Google Earth is amazing.

I suppose it shouldnt come as much of a shock, with the Herb O'Brien = duh..O'Brien and the Herb O'Brien = HO, and I would hazard a guess that it wouldnt make much sense to start another company in a different town.

Its probaly really nice in Redmond, Wa. I am sure the public schools are great and the ability to attract and maintain skilled labor is an invaluable resource. Plus, I have heard from a little bird that honeycomb and carbon graphite and whatever else goes into skis is in abundance.

Just go out in the back yard and chop down a graphite tree and you are on your way. Matter of fact, they probaly clean that stuff of the windshield in the winter.

I picture some person driving to work in Redmond, Wa, driving down north 67th court with a cup of coffee in one hand while dodging waterski companys with the other.

"Again, God you cant do anything around here without a slalom skiier clogging up two lanes of freaking traffic. Damn you Siemers! Quit making those shortline runs during rush hour!"

Won't you be my neighbor!!

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  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Whew, I can comment again. Thank the good lord.


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