Aug 29, 2006

Connelly knows marketing

This sport rules

I really want a mastercraft right now.

Wait. Oh, this was from the Connelly website. I got it. Hmmm...I guess I want some Connelly now.

The best guess for this picture would be that they are using what every waterskiiers knows to be true in this world. That if you have a boat, a bunch of babes will instinctivly flock and start chilling on the back of the boat looking all hot.

However, this raises an interesting question.

Who took this picture? It must have been some weirdo who brings the camera along with them everywhere in case something cool happens it can be recorded in picture form for all future generations to see.

Or at least rub one out to. Either way.

Can you imagine that you and some buddies pick up the boat for a day on the water. You know, grab your gear, gas up the boat, whatever else is done prior to going.

But, along the way, one friend is like...

"Yo, my friend wants to go that cool?"

"Umm, sure, as long as he pitches in for gas."

"Yea no prob, he is kind of a weirdo though."

"Oh yea...ummm...whatever."

So then you finally get to your destination, everyone takes their runs, but mouth breather is chilling by himself with the camera, oogling the girls (remember, they flock like salmon) and taking a million pictures and then reviewing immediatly afterwards and smiling in a creepy yet smug way.

Hey baby, move over a little to the left...yea right there...oh yea!!

So, photography guy with the waterproof camera is swooping in on the pretty girls ass's and then the brilliant minds at Connelly think to themselves, "You know what would really help move product? Hot chicks ass's on a boat...Thats the ticket!!"

"Oh Snap, we got one right here. Check it bitch!!"

While there isnt any product placement in the shot, with the exception of the Mastercraft below the girl in the middle, think of the options available to the photoshop experts at Connelly.

Seriously, think about it. I will give you some time.





Yes, those hot Wakeboards would practically sell themselves.

Anyways, without further ado I am out the door to my nearest retailer to purchase me a new set of Crossfire combos.

My combover is f'ed up right now

Yo, holla at a playa...I waterski.

Chicks on boat (


  1. you're back!!!

    I thought you left me all alone in ski blog land. By the way, I've been the guy who always takes a camera to the lake. Never taken any gratuitious ass shots. Maybe i'm just not looking hard enough.

  2. Oh, we didn't mean you, meant that other weirdo guy. you know what I mean.


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