May 13, 2006

Web Cast Waterski

Evidently there is such a place, that being an actual website with web-cams. Aren't those supposed to be reserved for lonely housewives and bored co-eds?

YO!! Quit hogging the bandwidth!!

Anyways, as it turns out in a couple weeks there will be some big slalom event in Florida, hosted by Waterski Magazine and it will be streamed on webcast-tv. The links right below will give you the important info.
Waterski mag

From said waterski magazine comes this promo.
"Boat company vs. boat company. Champion vs. champion. Man vs. nature. All that drama and more will be packed into the Shootout. We tried to imagine the coolest slalom battle we - and you - could hope to see, then we set it up. The result is a three-event tournament, but with each event all about slalom."
Right, o.k. A three-event tournament with all three events being slalom. hmm...

So, here is how it works. The competition (or whatever) is broken down into three different categories.

1) Traditional slalom - Basically a bunch of people trying to qualify for the "finals" like a normal tournament.

2) Big spray - 20 middle age fat-guys behind Bayliners.

3) Team competition - A point based team V. team comp...for the most part.

But wait...

Not enough for you? There's more. TRASH TALK!!
DREW ROSS OF TEAM MALIBU: "I'm coming off one of the strongest seasons of my career. And beside me are skiers such as Chris Parrish and current world champion Will Asher, so we feel like we've put together a team that's tough to beat. That said, our competitors are well-seasoned and accomplished. We probably won't do any trash talking - maybe just the cold shoulder."

WADE COX OF TEAM MASTERCRAFT "They have some of the top skiers in the world, but we have depth, too. I like going head to head. I think it's the truest form of competition, where you're not really skiing against the course and not really against yourself, but blatantly skiing against the other guy. It makes it more like tennis or boxing. And yeah, I may resort to old-school tactics, mind games."

Mind games and cold shoulders? I would watch my back Wade, Drew might go Ron Artest on you.

My shoulder is anything but cold

Right, this is all well and good...but here is a better idea for a Slalom Shootout.

In the tradition of the wild west, a real waterski shootout. Pitting man against man in a wicked duel to determine ultimate supremacy, with GUNS and SLALOM SKIS!!

Just imagine.

/Shoot and miss

Your a daisy if you do!

/Buffering 25%



/Buffering 75%



/Shoot and kill

Smells like someone died...SUCK IT HOLIDAY!!

On second though, this is going to be great!!!

Links: (
Waterski mag (


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    oh yea wait until i get in the comp. then it will be like

    shoot... miss
    shoot... ah fall at 5 ball
    shoot... kill

    ok so i dident really add anything at all

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I'm your huckelberry


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