May 25, 2006

Show Ski world takes a break from bashing Janesville

Hey man, I think you are standing on my foot.

At least they are in South Carolina. It looks as though the Carolina Show Ski Team is going to be holding a benifit ski show for a local resident who is suffering from brain cancer.

Jenna Witherspoon, 11, has been battling brain cancer for the last two years and recently was re-diagnosed with it again.


From the Fort Mills Times in Fort Mills, SC.
"A fundraiser for 11-year-old cancer patient Jenna Witherspoon will be held Monday at Windjammer Park in Tega Cay.

The fundraiser is a water ski benefit show being conducted by the Carolina Show Ski team and sanctioned by USA Waterski. The benefit will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Organizers hope to raise about $1,200. Money raised will go to Carolinas Medical Center."

If you fancy a trip, or happen to be in the area, by all means swing by donate some dough and help out.

Hopefully this event goes huge, like a wakeboarder or something, and they raise a ton of dough to help out.

Water ski show planned to help ailing student (Fort Mills Times)
Carolina Show Ski Team (

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