May 19, 2006

If you build it...

"Hey're whirlybird was off the HOOK!"

There are times when you have stop and realize what a goofy sport we all actually take part in.

This isn't one of those, "oh my god I am 35 and single, miserable, have a crappy job...but I ski so I can oogle 16 year old babes." type moments, but one of those, "Yep, these are my people" types.

A really large aquatic dog-bone

This is a picture of a waterski lake, in the middle of basically a corn field.

Pretty soon the parton saints at the pleasant oak waterski lake will be heading to Red Sox games and kidnapping washed up novelists.

Look at the post below, regarding Collegiate All-Stars and think about your own tournament and waterskiing life. We all ski in the weirdest places, drive insane amount of miles, spend a stupid amount of money and love every second.

It certainly isn't for the fame, no one would know Andy Mapple, Sammy Duvall, Chris Parish or Jimmy Siemers from Jim, Greg or the over-aggresive guy on your softball team.


Softball guy (JoeSportsFan)
Steve's Dad's Waterski Lake (

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