May 9, 2006

The Explanation post

If you are here, you have clicked on something in the sidebar, most likely the actual link, and this is the post where we explain and descibe and whatever various things that we feel need such explaining.

Note, many..if not all..the pictures that are used aren't mine, I didnt take them. They would have found on the infoweb somewhere. If you own them, and are mad and don't want them here, let us know and they are gone. I don't know copyright law well enough to put up a fight. Its all in fun, so hopefully its cool.

Title Pictures:
If you have any pics that you think may be neat, send them along at

A very cool picture that was found of some beach somewhere. The sky is especially cool.

Our namesake, even though couldn't find a pic of the actual boathouse.

Cool picture found accidentaly looking for something else.

Same thing, but, interesting because its a freaking snowmobile. Bet the studs screwed up the surface.

My favorite.

Ha! I don' t know what to say here.

Just a sweet shot of a handle in the water. Skiier was eaten by a dolphin.

Some old ass atari game.

Pic of Day (or whatever) Archives:

No idea where this came from, some random google search turned this up.


  1. haha. nice pic.

    if you were to choose, you would rather be:
    a. taxicab
    b. anything
    c. pinoy
    d. a movie
    e. a rumor

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    so if anyone wants a pair of carbonworx jumpers Ill sell them for a hella discounted rate. they have the cool new detachable base feature.


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