May 30, 2006

Drinking Water + Water Ski = Bad

Fiji? Evian? No, thats ski school water yo.

Here is a recipe for getting your ass kicked off a lake you shouldn't be on.

1) Ski there
2) Have a triathalon want to go there too
3) Health Services tell both to go screw themselves

Thats it.

In Villa Park, CA...the O.C yo...a small water ski school (Cutting Edge Ski School) had been using a canyon resevoir to run their operation. Everything was going along fine until a group looking to organize a triathalon sought permission to use the site as well.

Health Department officials said "WTF? There is a ski school out there? We drink that water, they shouldnt be there."
Heather Collins, a state health official, said the ban on swimming and water-skiing "protects drinking water customers from water-borne diseases."

"I know if I lived in Villa Park, I would be upset about this," Collins said.
Thankfully you don't, then you wouldnt get sick. Plus, you can live somewhere else and do a piss poor job. Especially since you have known about the school since 1997 but only recently put up any fuss because someone took a picture and wondered what was up.

From Cutting Edge website.
We are located in the heart of Orange County off Santiago Canyon Road just east of the 261 & 241-toll road.
or not. It sucks for the ski school, hope you get it ironed out and get back on the water. btw, their website is pretty good for a ski school.

Reservoir Was Used for Water-Ski School (Los Angeles Times)
Cutting Edge (

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  1. does the Health dept have their panties in a bunch b/c of the boat exhaust or the excessive "wetsuit warming"?


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