May 22, 2006

Complete re-cap of Collegiate All-Stars

Well, how about that boys and girls. The Mid-West won the 2006 Collegiate All-Stars! You know what this means?

You guessed it!

They get home field advantage in the collegiate World Series of water ski.


Before his arm fell off

So, here is the deal.
Mid-west = 8745 points
Western = 6155
Eastern = 1910
South = 0

As it turns out, no one in the south skis anymore. I guess they were all burned out after last weekends Boardup! Miami!.

The residents of the boathouse feel yo pain...those weed hangovers can be hell.

This bus is crap for gas mileage...why didn't I get the prius?

So, here is how it broke down by skier.

Mens Winners:
Jump: Brody Reid (Arizona) 146 feet
Trick: Brody Reid (you again?) 2470 pts
Slalom: Brody Re...oh, I meant Cale Burdick (Purdue) 3 at 39.5

Note to Cale: Dude, go pro. 3 at 38.5 is sick. Take the money and get drafted. I heard that Portland is looking for a good off-guard.

Note to Brody: WTF? 2 of 3? Come on...SACK UP! Don't let that Cale boy punk you...That trophy is yours! You see those groupies slinking away? Get used to it until you start sealing the deal with a better showing then 2 at 38 off for second.

On second thought. 2 at 38?, you could be the first overall pick. Tremendous upside baby!! Lebron who? Bush what?

See, the thing about Brody is he has great upside.

For the much better looking part of the competition.

Jump: Jenna Sligar (Arizona State) 106 feet
Trick: Jenna Sligar (Come in pairs much?) 1630 points
Slalom: Hanna Edeback (Clemson) 1.5 at 32

Note: Hanna Edeback was the lone women representative from the eastern region. Seeing as the Boathouse is a stationary object, we cannot prove or disprove this. But, maybe the eastern women were suffering from the same thing that the south was going through.

Note 2: Not to nit-pick but isn't Arizona in the south? How would they score no points yet have the first place skier in both Jump and Trick? Unless of course they are considered which case this globe sitting by the green monitor is freaking worthless.

I always though Alaska was more north.

Maybe it is sort of West. But still doesn't it seem more south?

Anyways, Short story long.

While all of this is fantastic and all the people should be congratulated on being awesome skiers, the Green Boathouse has our own special award that is much more meaningful we are sure.

It was a tough competition with many strong competitors staking their claim to the prize.

Anyways, it goes to...


Purdue's Kurtis Threlkeld!!!

Here is why.
1) 140 foot jump, good for a tie for second place
2) The weirdest/coolest spelling of a last name that we have seen in at least a half-hour.

No, just one. Thanks Maria. See you at home sweetie.

Congrats Kurtis!!

Collegiate All-Stars Water Ski Championships (usawaterski)

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